We all have seen those other dance websites. Hamster Dance, Cow Dance, Flaming Penguin Dance and the rest. Most of those have been of little cartoon animated figures, but why not people? Phippy Grooves is all about people, people in animated gifs. Don't worry though, these pages are just as cheesy as all those other dance pages. So what are you waiting for? Get Your Groove On...

Victor Groove
"Funky White Boy"

Eric Groove

Nick Groove
"Mr. Techy"

TJ Groove
"Saw a German Sign..."

Pat H. Groove
"Money on the mind..."

Jon Groove
"Ain't nothin but a Mammal."

Anna Groove
"Geting Stronger, Maybe..."

Bush Groove
"Drunken leader..."

Ricky Martin
"Achy-Breaky Face."

Thanksgiving Groove
"Get Eatin!"

Holiday Groove
"The Grooviest Time of the Year..."

July 4th Groove
"Crackling good fun..."